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Books & Anthologies

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The MAP: A 10-Minute-a-Day Journal

A guided journal designed to

  • Help you define and achieve your goals

  • Improve your mindset

Dread Naught but Time

The unshakable specter of Time hovers over each of the 26 tales in Scribes Divided’s second anthology. Includes Claudia's short story, The Last Thing Taken.

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Fantasia Fairy Tales

Fantasia Fairy Tales is a collection of new stories told in the classic fairy tale style. Includes Claudia's story, The Farmer and the Troll.

Open Your G.I.F.T.S.

Open Your G.I.F.T.S.: 42 Lessons of Finding and Embracing Your Blessings in Disguise. Includes Claudia's essay, Learning to Fly (Despite Those Who Would Clip Your Wings)

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Fantasia Divinity Titles

In which Claudia writes microfiction as
Chandler Warren
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